Peanut Island

Peanut Island is practically a stones throw away from our base at Paddle Boarding Palm Beach at the Riviera Beach Marina. Okay, maybe it’s a little further than that, but you get the idea. You can easily sit at the Tiki Bar on the edge of the Marina and laugh at your friends trying to paddle board back from island, upwind to our docks just at its west end. Better yet, it could be you out there exploring the beautiful, historic island and public park and easing around on your paddle board or kayak with the currents. If you don’t know how to do that already, PBPB offers lessons for beginners and packages to lead you on your excursion.

Originally called “Inlet Island”, Peanut Island was created in 1918 with material excavated from building the Lake Worth Inlet. Plans to then use the island by 1946 as a terminal for peanut oil gave it the name that stuck with it to this day, though that plan never came into fruition. The island only started out as approximately 10 acres of sand, but the continuous use of it to offload remnants of dredging the intracoastal waterways and maintaining the inlet eventually compiled 80 acres of land, what it is today. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the Port of Palm Beach teamed with Palm Beach County to use the perimeter of the island as a public park. In 2003, the US Army Corps of Engineers put into place the Peanut Island Environmental Enhancement Plan, creating over 30 acres of wildlife habitat.

In our guided kayak and snorkeling tours or stand up paddle board tours, we will take you around the island to explore the wide variety of wildlife Peanut Island has today. You’ll be able to meander through the mangrove channels for bird watching, a completely serene experience; paddle along the white sand beaches while we tell you more about the historic Kennedy Bunker, coast guard station, and boat house; and dive among the inshore reefs to get a closer look at marine life, including tropical fish, manatees, giant Caribbean star fish, spotted eagle rays and sting rays, or the occasional dolphin or sea turtle.

On the weekends, Peanut Island is bustling with boats and people enjoying its crystal clear waters and tropical island vibe, creating a fun environment for paddle boarding or kayaking. For a more tranquil experience, we also offer lessons or tours during the weekdays. We look forward to seeing you at the Marina and sharing our island adventures with you!