Paddle Board Classes

SUP 101

This is the class that everyone should participate in! In SUP 101 we go over all of the paddle boarding basics to create a solid foundation for all new paddlers. It’s a fun and educational class for all to enjoy. Once you complete the SUP 101 class you will be equipped with all the necessary skills to take part in any of PBPB’s other classes or events. We encourage you to start here! Please check out our calendar for class dates and times.

This is 60 minutes of fun! Cost $125.00 per person

SUP 201

Conquered the SUP 101 course? Then you’re ready for the next step! SUP 201 builds upon the basics you learned in the SUP 101 class, and introduces more technique. There will be some more challenging obstacles introduced, but it will be sure to be a great time. Build your skills with this class, register now for SUP 201! View our calendar for all scheduled classes.

This 60 minute class will have you ready to paddle anywhere, anytime. Cost $125.00 per person.

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Most tours are done around the high tides. All snorkeling need to be done 2 hours before high tide daily.

SUP 10160 minutes$125.00
SUP 10260 minutes$125.00