Paddle Board Fitness

Lets go paddle over to Peanut Island and do a 60 minute fitness class with mother nature and the beauty that Palm beach has to offer on the water. Paddle Boarding Palm Beach offers a variety of fitness classes to enhance your SUP performance and overall health. There’s nothing like exercising out on the beautiful South Florida waterways. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has become increasingly popular, not only on a competitive level, but as an exercising outlet as well. At Paddle Boarding Palm Beach, we provide the proper technique and teaching in every aspect of paddle boarding. Find a description of our fitness classes below, and be sure to call to schedule your spot today! Fitness class are every Saturday at 8:00am

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Most tours are done around the high tides. All snorkeling need to be done 2 hours before high tide daily.

1 Person$40.00
1 Person (bring your own board)$20.00