Peanut Island Snorkel Adventure

At our outposts we are committed to having the best available employees and associates to better provide you with the best assistance possible. With ACA Certified Instructors, Florida Master Naturalists and guides who have fished the waters of South Florida for years. Our rental and retail staff are here to make sure you have a fun, informative and memorable experience on and off the water.

Our Kayak Snorkel Tours to Peanut Island begins with an introduction to the area. Guests are given some brief instructions on basic paddling skills and strokes, then hit the water for an enjoyable paddle across the tranquil waters of Lake Worth Lagoon.

While you paddle along the shoreline you’ll be up close to the beautiful and breathtaking mansions of Palm Beach! On the east side of Peanut Island, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the island, snorkel the incredible Snorkeling Lagoon, go for a swim or simply lay back and soak up the sun!

The island’s excellent snorkeling is a direct result of the Gulf Stream, which comes closest to the U.S. mainland near the Lake Worth Inlet. Twice a day, with the incoming tide, the stream flushes Lake Worth with clear, warm Caribbean waters. The best snorkeling is an hour to 2 hours or so before the high tide to approx 2 hours after the time of high tide. With its rocky shoreline and its location directly in the mouth of the inlet, it is known for having some of the best easy-access snorkeling in South Florida. Plenty of colorful fish are viewable in waist-deep water, making it particularly popular with families. The best snorkeling is along the southern edge of the island. Visitors have seen rays, manatees, small sharks as well as many varieties of colorful reefs.

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Most tours are done around the high tides. All snorkeling need to be done 2 hours before high tide daily.

1 Single Kayak W/ 1 Set of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided$99.00
1 Kayak Double W/ 2 Sets of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided$99.00
1 Paddle Board W/ 1 Set of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided$99.00

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