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If you have not tried or gone paddle boarding yet, you soon will. The ancient Hawaiian way to ride waves, reserved only for royalty, has been recently reinvented, growing at alarming rates; becoming easily accessible for all! Anywhere and every where there is a body of water there will be someone paddle boarding if not already.

The article in the USAToday travel, reports on the popularity, fun, accessibility and low learning curve of paddle boards. The top ten Paddle board destinations just made my bucket list; although, I can think of a few places in addition I would love to take my Paddle board to go and explore

Being that I am native to Florida, I was quite surprised to find that the Sun Shine State did not make the list. Florida boast #1 most beautiful beaches year after year. With more ocean shoreline then any other state, beautiful rivers, and lakes I see the list paddle board destinations making way in the future.

Here at Paddle Boarding Palm Beach LLC we take pride in our water front location in Palm Beach, we are just a short paddle away from our areas best paddling waters. We have the closest and quickest access for paddle boarding out to peanut island, Singer Island and MacArthur Beach State Park. Not to mention, Palm Beach Island is just across the water, what a great way to see the mansions of the rich and famous. In my opinion any of these places should have made the list.

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