Group Lesson

Group Paddle Board Lesson

“Come Paddle With The Pros!”

Would you enjoy learning to Paddle Board?

Our highly trained, skilled and professional instructors will put you on the fast track to Paddling With The Pros!

Why a Lesson?

Private Paddle Board LessonLike anything, there is a wrong way and a right way to paddle board. We eliminate all the guesswork, and share our expertise with each of our customers. It is easy to develop bad habits without proper instruction. Our goal is to educate each paddler with our knowledge and expertise so that you will be paddle boarding with confidence.

What to expect during a lesson:

  • We start with the basics — an explanation of the different parts of the board and their functions
  • Safety briefing
  • How to properly kneel and stand up on the board (SUP)
  • The correct way to hold your paddle, and at least two different ways to efficiently turn and maneuver your board
  • Multiple stroke techniques to focus on different muscle groups and maintain efficiency
  • How to anticipate, react and handle choppy conditions, and how to use the wind and currents to your advantage

It’s important to cover each aspect because improper technique may hinder fitness benefits and overall enjoyment. **LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY **

Why Paddle Boarding?

Paddle Board Lesson Paddle boarding is the best way to experience the water for many reasons. First, anyone can do it with the proper instruction and coaching, NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Once you have learned the proper technique, you can take your newfound skills to any body of water: a lake, ocean, river or stream. Second, the health and fitness benefits are unparalleled. You’re able to improve your overall well-being and core strength all while having fun in the sun! Last, and the most important reason why you should come paddle with Paddle Boarding Palm Beach is because you will have a blast! It is a great time for couples, singles, families and friends.

Why Paddle Boarding Palm Beach (PBPB)?

Paddle Board LessonThere are so many reasons why! Kyle, the owner and lead instructor has been in and around the waters of Palm Beach for well over 20 years. The local knowledge of the waterways and conditions are examined before every lesson to maximize your experience. Also, with 8+ years of global experience on a paddle board, Kyle has mastered the tricks of the trade. All staff and instructors are hand picked and personally trained. PBPB’s convenient waterfront location will have you paddling in our beautiful blue waters in mere minutes. We pride ourselves on using only the best equipment ensuring you an unforgettable experience.  As a bonus, the waterfront Tiki Bar and Restaurant is on location and they are always serving up great food and drinks for you after a paddle board lesson. A great time guaranteed!

Paddle Board Lessons

Private, Semi-Private, and Groups Available

**LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY** Reservations must be made in advance, 50% deposit required to reserve paddle boards and instructor. 48 hour cancellation is necessary for full refund of deposit , otherwise deposit may be rain-checked or forfeited. We reserve the right to cancel any and all reservations with in 3 hours due to in-climate weather, in which case, full refund will be granted.