Crossing For A Cure

Crossing For A Cure

Paddle Boarding Palm Beach: Paddle board training for Crossing for a Cure

When Travis Suit decided to stand up paddleboard alone, the 90 miles from Bimini to Rivera Beach, he went, by reputation, to the best person he knew of – Kyle Igneri of Paddle Boarding Palm Beach – to teach him, coach him, and prepare him for the journey that would soon become known as “Crossing for a Cure.”

“ I had only been on a PaddleBoard two times before I met Kyle.” – Travis

“Crossing for a Cure” started out as a one-man operation to raise awareness and finding for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which has helped extend the lifespan of children with Cystic Fibrosis from elementary-age in the 1950s, into their 30s and 40s currently. The healing benefits of the ocean waters have made a drastic impact on the lung function of these children plagued with an illness that affects every breath they take, every day.

Travis’s interest in Cystic Fibrosis occurred when his then four-year-old daughter was plagued with undetermined illnesses. When it was discovered that she had Cystic Fibrosis, he went to work thinking up ways to help ensure her future.

When Travis came to Kyle, Travis was an athlete, but some finesse and training was needed to get him to the point where he could physically and safely paddle 90 miles, many of which are in open ocean.

“Hey bro, you think it possible, or am I crazy?” -Travis

“ Yeah, you’re definitely crazy, and YES it is totally possible!” -Kyle

As time went on, two months into Travis’s intense training, Kyle met Piper, the little girl who inspired this journey. With her big blue innocent eyes peering up at him, Kyle couldn’t help but want to take action to help her.

“Are you sure you wanna go alone dude? I want to be a part of this!” – Kyle

And so he signed on to paddle with Travis.

After Kyle came others. Shane Pompa, Joseph Morel and Jesse Kautz all began training as a group, eventually becoming known affectionately as “Piper’s Angels.”

The guys will be leaving on August 7th to arrive at the Bimini Big Game Resort and prepare for their oceanic journey. They will arrive Saturday August 10th in Riveria Beach, at the Tiki Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, conveniently located near to Paddle Boarding Palm Beach for the DOCK PARTY!!


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Crossing For A Cure

Crossing For A Cure

Crossing For A Cure



Crossing For A Cure









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