The Queen of Paddle Boarding


If you’ve ever visited Paddle Boarding Palm Beach you automatically know who Kyle is, but the more important person to know is Miss Jessica March – Queen of Paddle Boarding Palm Beach. While Kyle is founder and CEO, Jess handles pretty much everything else. Partnering with Kyle since the beginning, she has single handedly given her heart and soul into what Kyle’s vision has always been. Helping to take PBPB from a start-up rental business and transforming it into the Palm Beaches premier paddle boarding destination.

Basically what we’re saying here is that Jess kicks butt. She knows everything there is to know about the water and paddle technique, and don’t even get me started on customer service! That beautiful voice you hear when you call for reservations? Yep, that’s Jess. She answers any and all questions and does it in a way where you feel knowledgeable and confident about embarking on your paddle or kayak adventure. If you’re visiting from out of town and have local questions about: where’s the best place to eat after we paddle? Is it hard to paddle around Peanut Island? You’re going to teach me how to paddle on this thing right? Any and all questions or concerns, Jessica is your girl. Without a doubt, it’s her goal to have you enjoy your time spent out on the water with PBPB. She handles her position with poise and confidence to make sure that you’re ready for one of the best experiences you can have.

And not just a pretty face might I add – her tattoo swagger and work ethic really seal the deal. Born and raised on a farm in Canada, hard work isn’t even a conversation for this chick. The amount of paddleboards she can transport at one time, plus gear, will make you wonder when was the last time you visited the gym. Jess leads private lessons, Eco-Tour groups of over 10-15 paddlers at a time, and also mans the shack. It’s no wonder why we are so proud to have her as part of our team.

At Paddle Boarding Palm Beach we don’t kid you on the fact that we pride ourselves on our local waterway knowledge, expert paddle technique, and beach front service. And it’s because of team members like Jessica March that allow us to provide you that quality each and every time you visit our shack. From Kyle, Jess, and the rest of the Paddle Boarding Palm Beach crew, we look forward to getting you out on the water!


By: Brenna Shea – 11.12.14 –

Where’s the Shack exactly?

Our tropically durable paddle shack is located inside the gates of the Riviera Beach Marina. Turn East onto 13th street, head toward the water, and we’re the second shack on right hand side. The bright colors and signs lining the top of our hut should help too. Keeping it local, we have all of our signs made by “the sign guy”. His beautiful island craftsmanship denotes exactly what we do: Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Snorkel Gear, and #ShackLife so you can’t miss us!

You may have noticed over the course of this year that the marina is under an insane amount of construction. Do not worry; this will not stop our services! Riviera Beach is taking the marina to the next level and upgrading the entire waterfront into a new and improved local haven. Plans are in place to not only create a brand new beach front, but additional phases are set to build a shopping center, new tiki-styled restaurant, and historical information centers that will grow Riviera Beach out of just a marina and into a local waterfront destination.

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Riviera Beach Marina has been home to us since our founding in January of 2012. We planted our stellar shack here with little thought on the idea of the growth and development that this location would hold. And now, with the groundbreaking improvements of the marina, we are hopeful and looking forward to providing an even greater level of service to you all. A brand new beach means a lot to us. It’s more room for your group paddle sessions, greater demo space to test out the perfect Jimmy Lewis or Riviera board to purchase, and a grander arena to perfect your SUP skills before paddling over to Peanut Island.

While the last two years have been amazing, Paddle Boarding Palm Beach is looking toward the future and growing with the city of Riviera Beach. Parking may be annoying for a little bit, but keep in mind that when it’s all said and done it’s going to be killer. The shack is still going to be your destination location for Peanut Island snorkel trips, paddle board rentals and sales, and of course a good time! Make sure to call us and reserve your rentals today to lineup your weekend of adventure with Paddle Boarding Palm Beach. See you out on the water! #PWAP #shacklife #PBPB #RivieraBeachMarina #wherestheshack #PeanutIsland #SoFla


By: Brenna Shea – 10.17.14 –

#PWAP is Much More Than Just a Hashtag

pwap-paddle-with-a purpose-peanut-island-cleanup
We love our hashtags at Paddle Boarding Palm Beach, but by far our favorite one – next to #shacklife – is #PWAP. Paddle With A Purpose. That’s what we do; everything that we’re involved in at Paddle Boarding Palm Beach has a greater purpose.

As founder and owner of PBPB, Kyle has a deep connection to the establishment of the #PWAP practice,

“The water; whether it be an ocean, river, lake, stream or pond, floods the heart with a soothing sense of serenity. Time and time again I would return to the shoreline to be a part of something larger and more powerful than myself. A lifestyle born of the sea had afforded me countless joys and memories. In times of peril, it has brought me peace and comfort. Adventure has been sought after each time my eye would gaze out upon the vast unknown. A community has grown up around me, all while my feet were in the sand! The life that is lived, when closely connected with the waters of the world, is a life I choose to share with the people around me.”

Pic2PWAP is a foundation that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of those who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. PWAP serves a community platform which inspires young peoples’ lives through the love of water sports. It encourages a larger purpose through environmental education and conservation. While also acting as a place to gather, PWAP hosts many events to raise funds and awareness for other worthy causes.

As a non-for-profit organization, PWAP, serves the local community while reaching out nationally and abroad through the gift of water sports. At a local level, we look to continue to partner with neighborhood community events, centers, and foundations to improve the quality of life for under privileged children. While also making sure our beaches and waterfronts are clean, with monthly waterway cleanups and environmental conservation education. This mission is the reason why PWAP exists and will continue to grow with each large scale event and local get-togethers.

pwap-paddle-with-a purpose-peanut-island-cleanup-before-after
Everyone who is involved with Paddle Boarding Palm Beach is involved in PWAP. Proceeds are donated from paddle board and kayak rentals, board sales, and large monthly events to the worthy cause of our choice. Just by enjoying our equipment and visiting the shack, you’ve already joined the PWAP crew. We look forward to doing more for our waterways and creating a local, national, and global awareness through the love of water sports!

By: Brenna Shea – 10.10.15 –

SUP with Your PUP

su-with-your-pup-paddle-boarding-palm-beach-singer-islandPaddle Boarding Palm Beach teamed up with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Chelsea Taylor of 103.1 WIRK radio for a beautiful day out on the water. This was the first time that we had done an event like this and the turn out was awesome. Who wouldn’t want to take their dog out on a paddle board?

At Paddle Boarding Palm Beach we actively partner with local charities across South Florida. We believe in working with people who feel they have a purpose and life goal to help others create a greater good within our society. So when Chelsea and Big Dog Ranch approached us to do some kind of an event with paddle boarding and puppies, we didn’t mind at all!

su-with-your-pup-paddle-boarding-palm-beach-singer-island2We provided the boards, invited the dogs (and owners), and got everyone out on the water to enjoy a beautiful morning at Peanut Island. The water was Caribbean clear as everyone paddled or kayaked across the water with their pooches on board. All of the rental fees for the event were donated directly to Big Dog Ranch. Even the majority of people who brought their own boards made sure to show their love and appreciation for Big Dog Ranch, and donated funds to their cause. I know as a rescue parent myself, the question of “who rescued who” really does ring true. I found my dog literally wandering the streets. He was cut up, bleeding from the hot asphalt, malnourished, and abandoned. I can’t imagine what would have happened to him if I hadn’t found him. Facilities like Big Dog Ranch Rescue make sure that each dog has the chance to be found, treated, and given a forever loving home.

We definitely enjoyed the time spent getting to know everyone and their furry friends, and spreading the word about Big Dog Ranch Rescue and their mission. We look forward to the next time we host this style event! Big shout out to Chelsea Taylor of WIRK 103.1 for helping us promote the event all week and spreading the love. Stay tuned for more upcoming events! Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to see how you can be apart of all the cool things we do. See you out on the water! #shacklife #PBPB #paddlewithapurpose #PWAP

We Love Peanut Island!


Rich Cultural History
Peanut Island is recognized as one of the most historic landmarks within the waterways of Palm Beach County. It was formed in 1918, as a result of the excavation at the creation of the Lake Worth inlet. The island was set to be a permanent location for shipping peanut oil, which coined the term “Peanut Island” back in the 1940’s. While the plans for shipping peanut oil were abandoned in 1946, the name carried on.

Crystal Clear Waters
Peanut, as most locals refer to it as, is one of the most unique intracoastal islands of all time. It is located within the Lake Worth Lagoon, just inside the tidal flows of the Lake Worth inlet. At high tide, you’re sure to enjoy some of the clearest, most blue water you will ever see. Paddle Boarding Palm Beach’s convenient waterfront location allows for direct access straight across the inlet to Peanut Island. No hassle in figuring out your transportation, we’ve got you covered. Rent a board or kayak for the day, tie down your cooler and enjoy this tropical island sanctuary.

Camp, Beach & Snorkel
Peanut Island has so much to offer. A unique, 80-acre intracoastal county park is maintained daily to provide accommodations such as picnic areas, bathrooms, life guard stations, marked swimming areas, 2 lagoons, and camp grounds on the North and South sides of the island for all who visit. The island is full of South Florida’s most fascinating wildlife. Visitors often see schools of tropical fish, manatees, eagle rays, tropical birds, and starfish the size of your head! The beautiful beaches surrounding the entire island allow you to relax and escape for the day. Walk out to the sandbar at low tide, snorkel amongst the lagoons, or take a lap around the island on your kayak or paddle board.

Paddle Training
The island serves as a perfect training ground for every level of paddler. A quick lap around the island is a distance of 1.75 miles. Many beginner paddlers make this trip on their first time out! It also doubles as a choice route to gauge distance and speed for advanced paddlers who take over two or three laps at a time. Depending on the time of day, currents and wind add natural obstacles to create a fun, local route to paddle. Give it a try!

Peanut Paddle Posse
There are clearly so many reasons why we love Peanut Island. From its local history, to the nature and tropical energy of this place, we’ve become a little obsessed. It’s the perfect getaway to enjoy a day with friends and family, and get everyone out on the water! Paddle Boarding Palm Beach grants you VIP access to the island, and guarantees quality equipment coupled with waterway expertise. Call and reserve your kayak or paddle board rental today! 561-313-6011 or check out our site for more photos and information at . See you out on the water! #shacklife #pbpb #peanutpaddleposse #PPP

By: Brenna Shea – 9.15. 2014 –

SUP YOGA & Nutrition Workshop – West Palm Beach


In an effort to promote good health and wellness in combination with outdoor

exercise and SUP yoga – Paddle Boarding Palm Beach and Bee Organics have teamed

up for the ultimate, monthly fitness workshop. The first of these collaborations took

place yesterday, February 22, 2014 on the waters of West Palm Beach. The entire

purpose of the event is focused on the following:

1. Wellness Education – Bee Organics owner Andrea Pertnoy, has opened

a brand new organic juicing, wellness, and yoga storefront located in

downtown West Palm Beach. Her knowledge on wellness and clean

eating allows participants in this workshop to gain knowledge on

what your body needs, how juicing benefits your body, and why it is

so important to maintain this kind of lifestyle. for longevity of life and

enhancing energy for yourself. It’s important to understand what exactly

juicing is. It’s more than just “good for you”, there are specific ingredients,

fruits, and vegetables that allow for your body to be better and work

together as one, rather than having your insides battling against one

another to digest the food you’re eating.

Andrea gives a tasting and demonstration of one of her juices to start

the class, and explains why that juice is beneficial at that point in time.

Yesterday, we started with a “Heart Beet” as a pre-workout juice that

helps to awaken the body and establish the nutrients needed to complete

a workout.

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding –Paddle Boarding Palm Beach’s founder,

Kyle Igneri, has built a community presence surrounding the sport of

paddle boarding. As an experienced waterman, born and raised in Jupiter,

Florida, Kyle has spent time in Hawaii surfing and fine tuning his SUP

skills. Now home in Florida, he has expanded his love for the sport and

built his own SUP shop located in the Riviera Beach Marina. Kyle makes

sure to educate all new paddlers on the proper technique needed to excel

in the sport and provides the best equipment and boards to enhance their

paddling experience. Bringing all of this to the workshops allows for it to

be for everyone. Even if you have never stepped foot on a board, Kyle will

make sure you’ve the proper technique to have a great time out on the


3. SUP Yoga Fitness – SUP fitness has illuminated the sport of paddle

boarding across the world and welcomed an entirely new audience to

the sport. SUP Yoga is on the rise and completely taking over the fitness

world. Paddle Boarding Palm Beach cordially introduces Chris Eliades as

the SUP Yoga Instructor for this Yoga & Nutritional workshop. With over

3 years of yoga and SUP yoga experience, Chris transports you out of the

everyday and into the present with his direction in the yoga practice. The

combination of the waves, board, and sunshine creates an environment

like no other. This version of yoga allows you to expand your practice

even further than the mat.

These workshops clearly have so much to offer, and we’re so excited to host them!

They are going to be held on the last Saturday of the month, starting at 8:30am

at Bee Organics (123 Datura St, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401). For more

information, join our event page on Facebook to stay tuned on workshop dates,

prices, and additional details. We hope to see you out on the water!


Paddle Board Yoga Palm Beach


Paddle Board Yoga @fitqueenirene @glidesup


Holiday Fun In The Sun

As the holidays are quickly approaching, South Florida becomes the perfect location for fun in the sun for most Northerners living up in the cold. Many people migrate down during the holiday seasons to get out of the frigid weather, and enjoy some fun in the sun here in South Florida. If you happen to be here as a Florida native, this time of year means that all those family members are coming to see you! And while you may love everyone visiting, this calls for putting on your party hat and showing everyone how great South Florida is. And what better way to do that than get them all out on the water? At Paddle Boarding Palm Beach we not only have the best boards and equipment to offer, but our highly trained staff guarantees your family members with proper technique and a really fun time! So what are you waiting for? Call Paddle Boarding Palm Beach today and reserve an afternoon of fun for you and your family. Located within the Riviera Beach Marina, PBPB has exclusive waterfront access to Peanut Island and connecting waterways. Remember, no experience is necessary! So bring everyone out for a great time and we’ll make sure to cover all the basics. We look forward to seeing you all soon! Happy Holidays!

Check out paddle boarding rates here, and call to reserve your spot today!

family paddle

2nd Annual Paddle For A Cure of The Palm Beaches

An event like no other, the 2nd Annual Paddle For The Cure (PFTC) of the Palm Beaches is by far the most unique and adventurous way to raise local awareness for breast cancer. Hosted by yours truly, Paddle Boarding Palm Beach is teaming up with The American Cancer Society to Paddle With A Purpose (PWAP) and gain support for breast cancer research. Unlike traditional fundraising events, Paddle Boarding Palm Beach is combing the popular craze of paddle boarding with the power of breast cancer awareness. Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Paddle Boarding Palm Beach’s premier water front location provides the perfect outlet for such an event. The PFTC coincides with The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign that runs throughout the month of October and is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 19th 2013.

Don’t miss out on all the fun, we want you to join in! No experience is necessary when it comes to this historic sport of stand up paddle boarding. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or you’re getting on a board for the first time, the 2nd Annual Paddle For The Cure has all of your options covered. The event itself is going to provide a number of different races, while also offering some recreational races and other ways to participate and enjoy yourself as we all join together to Paddle With A Purpose (PWAP). Pick your race! All paddleboard race options are as follows:


Your race is on us, come on out and participate in the recreational race!


A course for the professional SUP racer  — 7.5 miles/4 Laps around Peanut Island. There will be $3500 in cash prizes up for grabs to whoever dominates as the most elite SUP racer.


Think you’re the fastest? Join in on these 150 yard sprint races. Single elimination, and only the top 2 in each race advance. Cash prizes also available for the fastest SUP sprint contestant.


Not a pro, but definitely know how to SUP? This race is for the experienced paddler – 3.5 miles/2 Laps around Peanut Island.


No experience, just fun! Join the cause and Paddle With A Purpose – 1.75 miles/1 Lap around Peanut Island.


Grab your friends and get pumped, this 5-person relay team will be set up to compete in relay sprint races. They’ll be short, but intensely fun. See our website for relay race entrance fee information.


15 AND UNDER. Bring your kids out to enjoy the water and SUP for a good cause!


We encourage anyone and everyone to come out and show support for a great cause and Paddle With A Purpose (PWAP). Don’t have a board? No worries, we will have over 50 boards available for rent the day of the race. Come early to reserve and pick out your board. We are looking forward to enjoying this day with you, and encourage you to register now! Any further questions on how to register, board restrictions, and entrance fees for this awesome event are available here.

As your local paddle boarding provider, Paddle Boarding Palm Beach is excited to bring this event back for its second year. Come out and join in this community-wide party and show your support for breast cancer awareness. Make sure to stay up to date on all event news and see what else is going to be happening by LIKE-ing our Facebook page!

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society

See you all at the 2nd Annual Paddle For The Cure!

Paddle For A cure

Paddle For A cure

Crossing For A Cure

Crossing For A Cure

Paddle Boarding Palm Beach: Paddle board training for Crossing for a Cure

When Travis Suit decided to stand up paddleboard alone, the 90 miles from Bimini to Rivera Beach, he went, by reputation, to the best person he knew of – Kyle Igneri of Paddle Boarding Palm Beach – to teach him, coach him, and prepare him for the journey that would soon become known as “Crossing for a Cure.”

“ I had only been on a PaddleBoard two times before I met Kyle.” – Travis

“Crossing for a Cure” started out as a one-man operation to raise awareness and finding for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which has helped extend the lifespan of children with Cystic Fibrosis from elementary-age in the 1950s, into their 30s and 40s currently. The healing benefits of the ocean waters have made a drastic impact on the lung function of these children plagued with an illness that affects every breath they take, every day.

Travis’s interest in Cystic Fibrosis occurred when his then four-year-old daughter was plagued with undetermined illnesses. When it was discovered that she had Cystic Fibrosis, he went to work thinking up ways to help ensure her future.

When Travis came to Kyle, Travis was an athlete, but some finesse and training was needed to get him to the point where he could physically and safely paddle 90 miles, many of which are in open ocean.

“Hey bro, you think it possible, or am I crazy?” -Travis

“ Yeah, you’re definitely crazy, and YES it is totally possible!” -Kyle

As time went on, two months into Travis’s intense training, Kyle met Piper, the little girl who inspired this journey. With her big blue innocent eyes peering up at him, Kyle couldn’t help but want to take action to help her.

“Are you sure you wanna go alone dude? I want to be a part of this!” – Kyle

And so he signed on to paddle with Travis.

After Kyle came others. Shane Pompa, Joseph Morel and Jesse Kautz all began training as a group, eventually becoming known affectionately as “Piper’s Angels.”

The guys will be leaving on August 7th to arrive at the Bimini Big Game Resort and prepare for their oceanic journey. They will arrive Saturday August 10th in Riveria Beach, at the Tiki Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, conveniently located near to Paddle Boarding Palm Beach for the DOCK PARTY!!


Donations and sponsorships are still being accepted. Visit

To learn how to paddle with Kyle, set up an appointment

Crossing For A Cure

Crossing For A Cure

Crossing For A Cure



Crossing For A Cure









Paddle Board Fitness

Paddle Board Fitness

Peanut Island Paddle Board Fitness


Melody has been an adventure seeker and water sports enthusiast her whole life. Melody has had an outstanding dedication to both the paddle board and fitness worlds for many years. Her passion, the fastest growing fitness trends; is unlike anything you have ever seen before! Melody is a certified personal trainer through ASFA, AFAA, and CPR certified. She has worked with all levels of fitness. Always ready to help everyone reach their fitness goals. Melody combines her energetic water and land fitness experience, with her Stand Up PaddleBoarding skills, for an amazing sweat factor of land to water workout transitions!  Not to worry.. Every one can enjoy her positive, creative way of training. Working on individual fitness goals, and sharing her passion for the water and staying active.

The team at Paddle Boarding Palm beach LLC looks forward to sharing their love and passion of paddle boarding with you and your friends. If your looking for a great experience and a unique fitness class, we are happy to accommodate. Group classes will be available through out the week and on the weekends. In addition, we offer a private experience as well. Hope your ready to break a sweat, have fun, get a little bit of sun, enjoy the outdoors, improve fitness all while enjoying a this unique paddle board experience. Class sizes are limited to ensure maximum personal attention, call ahead to book your class. Multi class rates available.

all costs include Paddle board, instruction, and trainer